Angelica Perez Moore

I am Angelica Perez Moore,

but I go by Angie. I was born in Venezuela but immigrated to the United States when I was 3 ½. My father was from Barcelona Spain and my mother from Cuba. My family settled in the Miami area where after graduating from high school, I completed Physical Therapy Assistant requirements from Miami Dade College. I have been a resident of Coweta County Georgia for the last nineteen years.
My father was involved in the Spanish Civil War and had firsthand knowledge of the evils of communism. When Fidel Castro was gaining power, my father recognized that he was a communist, so they fled to Venezuela. But soon the Venezuelan government begun to shift also towards communism. My parents sought freedom and therefore decided to immigrate to the United States.
Life in those early years in the Miami area were not easy. Most residents of Miami at the time were not welcoming immigrates, especially those whose primary language was Spanish. My parents like so many others were professional white-collar workers that were forced to work in factories or harvesting tomatoes. They did not mind that work because the desire for freedom and not living within a communist regime met more. My parents sharing their past experiences allowed me to become interested and involved in politics.
After graduating from college, I begun to get involved in local, county, and state politics by assisting numerous politicians in seeking election or supporting their legislative efforts. Upon settling in Coweta County Georgia, I become involved with the local GOP, serving as a Precinct Officer. I have also been a delegate for Coweta County at the county, district, and state GOP conventions.
I am proud of my Hispanic heritage but even more proud of being an American. I am thankful of being allowed to be raised in this wonderful county that has given me the opportunity to achieve all my dreams and hopes. I will always stand for God, my family, and the Constitution of the United States of America.